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4th of August 2018 at 7:43 PM
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These Dogecoin wallets are conveniently printed on standard business cards. Each wallet is modeled after the dollar, or should I say, dogelar (I know, terrible pun). The rear depicts a mission to the moon! The large qr code is the public address and the private address is hidden under a scratch off pad. Unlike traditional paper wallets, these wallets are the perfect size to fit in your regular wallet. Being business cards, they are built specifically to be easy to carry, and endure some wear and tear.

These cards are great to give away to help spread doge. Easy to carry, and easy to share. If using the wallet as personal storage, you can easily tell if it has been compromised or not, because of the tamper evident nature of the scratch pad.

Cost per card drops significantly if ordered in bulk, due to the low cost of the item and the cost of stamps (mailing one card means the stamp costs nearly as much as the card!). If you have ordered before or are willing to purchase a few extra cards, I would greatly appreciate a 5 card order or more. Single card purchases only earn me a few pennies :/.

For those who worry about security, these cards are batched, then the files containing the qr codes are destroyed with a triple pass file shredding program.

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